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I help you align to your

higher purpose,

develop your unique spiritual gifts

and integrate it into your work


To live our higher purpose in this life and use our spiritual gifts we need clarity and to step into a new, soul-driven way of being. Our actions then become more effortless and our presence heart-centered and valuable for the world and the people we meet. 

The journey of becoming fully ourselves requires that we let go of others expectations and our own old beliefs of how things should be.

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As modern-day priestesses, we are not religious

Instead, we strive to become our most true selves


We do not seek to follow someone else

Instead, we honor our own soul guidance


Modern monastic life is not lived in isolation

Instead, we create the monastery within ourselves

We do not work inside of a temple

Instead, we become the temple for others


Ann-Lie Brattås-Fejne

“Vill säga Tack för det du gjorde idag. Känns som om ett stort inre sår fick läkas och få frid. Vilken gåva du har!”


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