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Our sacred purpose

Liberation for All and
Mother Earth

The genocide of the Palestinians has thrown the world into the next level of global awakening. We are now being asked to join the collective movement and take action for Liberation for All. 

We currently swim in the unknown of this new awareness and many of us are asking ourselves how we are being called to use our unique gifts to serve humanity and navigate these times together in community. 

One thing is sure. We all need to begin the process of divesting from white privilege and colonial energetic imprints with the help of BIPOC teachers and guides.

I only work with those acknowledging the need to personally decolonize and serve liberation for all.   


The inner temple

 - the foundational work of the priestess

With a solid inner temple we are self-aware,

centered, strong and clear about

the truth of who we are. 

I have identified 5 keys we can cultivate, purify and balance to solidify our inner temple. The main aspects of these keys are Devotion, Spaciousness & stillness, Sovereignty, Joy & playfulness and Prayer. 

Read more about each key HERE.


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