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Do not ask for specific things.

Ask to be led to the highest and best of all.

We are not supposed to create from our ego desires or what we think we want and need.

Have you ever experienced an insight about something you are to do in this lifetime, that came from deep within? Maybe it brought you to tears or you just knew it was the truth.

It was a moment of deep connection with source, your guides, your highest self. The divine speaking to you.

That inner knowing is the first step in a co-creative process, in the teamwork we are here to have with divine forces.

So we take that inner knowing, we bring it to the altar and ask for help.

We ask for clarity, for clear guidance about how to move forward for the highest and best of all. We ask and release it. Maybe we feel an answer then and there. Or we stay open in our daily life, aware of impulses, new ideas, signs...

We are not supposed to do it by ourselves. They are longing for our prayers.

If you are like me, you want to be free. You want to express your true self. You want joy and beauty and magic and miracles. You want to feel in flow, dance with the divine, feel connected and on purpose. You want inspiration to flow to you easily and you want to create.

What it takes to get there is getting clear on our 'yes' and our 'no'. It takes clearing out the no's and create spaciousness in our life so that what wants to come in has somewhere to land. It takes standing up for ourselves when people around us do not understand or agree. It takes a lot of mini-steps. It takes training our awareness little by little. It takes doing nothing. It takes doing some simple physical practices, that we do them with great presence in order to regulate our nervous system. It takes cultivating our imagination. It takes prayer, that we nurture our relationship with our guides and that we call in divine assistance. It takes to feel and honor our feelings. It takes grief. It takes sharing our shame with other people in order to release it.

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