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A 3 months private container of support for clarity, soul alignment and creative expression.

Is this you?


  • You feel a deeper calling and you want to be of service to others


  • You have a longing to live from the inside and out more fully and to express yourself from your heart and soul


  • You already know a lot about your purpose and now you need a space, a structure and support to go deep around your next soul-aligned steps


  • You want to lean into what your higher self and your guides want to co-create with you


  • You want to bring all of the beautiful things you have inside of you out into the world. You have a lot of ideas and need help to ground and find your way forward.




What I offer is a space of being-ness. We come as we are and trust in the unfolding (that you will get what you need).


I am your intuitive guide. I will hold your hand on this often uncomfortable soul road.


You can bring up anything you need to bring up.


I have a gift of seeing patterns and what is happening under the surface.  I will help you see things more clearly and call you out when I see you self-sabotage.

I also have a gift of facilitating for you to get closer to your higher self and guides so that you can access your truth. 



This sacred space is for 3 months, with weekly check-ins (3 calls / months) and messenger support between calls.

If you are interested in this support and the timing is right for you, send me an email: Let's find out if we are a fit to do this work together. 

It will be an honor to support you❤️

My services: Tjänster
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