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I studied finance and worked as a business controller for many years. I lived in my head, listened a lot to others and was very affected by the outside world. But I always had a feeling that there was something else coming.

In connection to a maternity leave, I quit my job and registered my own business. That was my first step to breaking loose. I studied interior design. During a coaching program for entrepreneurs in 2017 I was introduced to spirituality. I developed a connection to my soul and I started to receive visions and guidance. That same year I let go of my career plans in interior design to be totally open to what my soul was guiding me into.

I started prioritizing going within and often spent my days at home. I shut off distractions as much as I could, stopped buying magazines and watching TV mindlessly. I only took in the inspiration I really felt drawn to and that helped me forward. I started saying no to things that didn’t feel good to me.

My journey has been about letting go of others expectations and my own old beliefs of how things should be. I am driven by a longing to be true and free. To be and do what I am designed for. To express who I am. And a desire to help others do the same. 

It’s amazing to experience things falling into place when I follow my feelings and inner guidance. Mentors and situations show up in perfect timing and life carries me forward in the most magical ways.

I live in Malmö, Sweden, with Pierre and our two boys


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About me: Prenumerera
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