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New moon and St Teresa of Ávila

This new moon there has been an energy coming strongly to me.

One of my priestess guides is very close and clear.

In the last days I have felt her presence by the altar, at my desk, when laying in my bed at night. 

And by the guidance I am receiving there is not an ounce of doubt in me that it is her and why she is here.

I bathe in her written words and I feel it is time to start writing more about my own experiences of prayer.

Also, I am noticing a sudden and stronger pull to the epithet of ”Mystic”.

There is a feeling of coming home.

A door has open, deeper into Me.

I know nothing about where this is leading me - and I feel safe.

We are being called to step up in our priestesshood. 

Do you feel it too?




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