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When your soul speaks to you

Sometimes guidance comes when we sit still and meditate. Sometimes it comes when we are moving and doing something. What is needed in both cases is that inner stillness beyond the thoughts. In May last year during my Qi Gong practice where I cultivate the 5 virtues I got a clear inner knowing, like a flash from nowhere. The feeling said "work with these 5 elements". I saw the keys and the colors. I immediately took action on that inner knowing, making it clear for myself and the universe that the guidance was received and that i had the intention to follow it. I painted the colors on a simple piece of paper, made some notes and put it up on the wall. I started seeing the keys in terms of photos. One day my friend joined me and we went to the forest with the camera. I wore my green dress and we took some pictures to key 3 (the wood element) I kept a folder where I put notes and images when ideas popped up.

In the beginning of February I felt a nudge to just take what I had, put it together and share it with you. The time was right and it felt easy. What is a guidance you have acted on (small action / big leap)? How did you receive that soul guidance?




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