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Some days I am a mess

Some days I wake up and feel like a mess.

I feel tired, sore and foggy. I am sad without knowing why. I don’t feel inspired, I don’t want to do anything at all.

I am guessing you have these days too.

This can be grief for things happening in the world.

And it can be grief in our own personal journey.

The latter is part of the process of becoming more of our true self.

Maybe we have had a phase of growth. Created something close to heart. Opened up to bigger visions.

Or maybe something big is on its way and we feel a contraction.

I don’t think we should push ourselves to anything in these moments. Just try to be present with it as much as possible.

Make space for the contraction in order to be even more creative on the other side.

It will pass and we will feel clear, strong and inspired again.


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