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The creative process

To describe how I see our co-creative process with the divine I am using the image of a flower.

Yesterday, I was writing about flowers as a symbol of life force energy. So what do flowers (our creations) need to grow and flourish?

First, there needs to be a seed (intention from soul/vision/inner knowing).

The seed needs good soil and appropriate climate (nourished body & energy field).

Then water (prayer) and sunlight (trust, relax, enjoy life).

With time (non-doing), the seed will sprout and grow (we receive inspired actions).

When ready (in divine timing), the flower will bloom (our creation).

So these are all important elements in the creative process:

Vision/Inner knowing


Nourished body and energy field / internal power


Trust, relax, enjoy


Inspired actions

Divine timing

We can not force a flower to bloom. Neither can we force the co-creation with the divine.


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