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The 5 keys to the Inner temple

To be a priestess is to be fully ourself.

When we become more self-aware, centered and solid in the truth of who we are, we embody our unique frequency and divine essence in deeper ways. This is what I call the inner temple.

By cultivating the inner temple the divine will respond because now we are stepping more and more into alignment with our soul. We come closer to the divine and receive more guidance. We get an even deeper understanding of our nature, what we are designed for and our purpose.

The 5 keys to the inner temple have been emerging in me as a result of many years of study and deep listening. They have helped me come to clarity and understanding of myself as a priestess.

Each key correspond to a color frequency and an element in nature. Each holds multiple facets, but with one core aspect:

THE WHITE KEY (metal element)

🗝 Devotion

Devotion is the actions we take to show ourselves and the universe that we are committed to our true self and our purpose. We show our devotion through acting on soul guidance, keeping up on important daily movement practices and rituals, and taking courageous steps to be seen for who we truly are. Everything we do is either bringing us toward or from our true self.

Questions to ask ourselves: Am I showing up for my true self and my purpose? Have I taken action on the guidance from my soul?

THE DARK BLUE KEY (water element)

🗝 Spaciousness & stillness

This key is about creating space in our life and stillness within us so we can feel our feeling and hear the deeper voices. It is easy to get distracted and fill our calendar with all kinds of things. But divine information wants to come in and there needs to be room for it to land. We need to create a simpler and slower life for ourselves and clear out distractions and energetic clutter. Silence and non-doing is what is called for here.

Questions to ask ourselves: Am I still and empty enough to hear the guidance from within? What distractions do I need to let go of?

GREEN KEY (wood element)

🗝 Sovereignty

Sovereignty means to be self-centered and to make decisions that honor our true self and our inner guidance without outside influence. It is to set boundaries without worrying about how it is perceived or how others will respond. This is self-love and our sense of worthiness in action. Sovereignty goes hand in hand with unconditional love. To be able to give unconditional love to others we need to start by loving ourselves unconditionally and honor who we really are.

Question to ask ourselves: Am I choosing myself first?

THE PINK KEY (fire element)

🗝 Joy & playfulness

This key is about how we relate to life and the present moment. Playfulness means to flow from soul in the present moment. To choose lightness over seriousness. We easily get stuck in the mind, we are not trained to feel into what we really want, connect to true joy and feel our life force energy. What lights you up on a deeper level is guidance, the divine speaking. This key is about relaxing and enjoying, be spontaneous and maybe do the unexpected.

Questions to ask ourselves: Have things gotten too serious? What will bring me joy today?

THE YELLOW KEY (earth element)

🗝 Prayer

This key is about our relationship to our spirit guides and the higher forces. Before we were born we agreed to a soul contract with our spirit guide(s), an agreement we then had to forget. Our guides follow us in our lifetime and they want to help us in life and help us to remember our purpose. What is called for is building relationship with these guides like we would with a physical guide. And because of our free will we need to actively ask them for help.

Questions to ask ourselves: Have I reached out to my divine guides? Have I asked for help?

Cultivating and balancing these keys gives us deeper and deeper access to the inner temple. This is the work of preparation to become powerful channels of wisdom, love and creativity.

Which key(s) is in the most need of attention for you at this time?




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